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We also do alterations IN house!

  • Would you like to wear mom/grandma's dress?  We specialize in heirloom re-creations.
  • We will also clean your wedding gown to be like new and for much less than the cleaners.
  • All shoes are dyed IN house.  A small charge if purchased elsewhere.

And just for fun!

  • If your zipper has split we’ll fix it or ask you to lose weight or maybe both.
  • If it’s ripped we’ll seam it and ask you again to lose weight or both.
  • Or maybe you have lost a ton of weight and you still like those outfits.  We can downsize anything several sizes.
  • If it’s too long we’ll hem it.
  • If it’s too short, oh well go shorter?
  • If it’s too tight we’ll pray first then add the side gussets to that favorite on sale wedding gown or bridesmaid dress.
  • How about that heirloom dress of moms’ or grandmas’.  We’ll help you revamp that as well.
  • Alterations on bridesmaids ordered through Blessed Beginnings will max out at $25.00 when we do the measuring.

Remember... all things are possible with alterations, and JESUS!

Hours - Winter Hours = Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri - Noon - 5pm

Wednesday - Closed

Saturday - 10am - 2pm

Sunday - Closed

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